Eco-friendly Packaging Material

At Carolina Naturals, we only use eco-friendly packaging material. From shredded, recycled cardboard to biodegradable packing peanuts, you can be sure that we're doing our part to help the environment.

No Carinogens or Pollutants

Our citronella candles consist of non-toxic essential oils that are clean-burning and phthalate-free. We useĀ vegan soy wax that has no carcinogens, pollutants, toxins, or animal byproducts; is completely biodegradable, animal-cruelty free, and eco-friendly for our environment. Our cotton braided wicks coated in soy wax instead of paraffin wax and do not contain any lead or zinc.

1% Project

Carolina Naturals is proud to donate 1% or more of all sales to local non-profits and goodwill organizations throughout the state of South Carolina. We strongly believe in the importantance of giving back to help our community, environment and, of course, our furry friends! (Dexter, our rescue cat, approves this message).