About Us

ÔĽŅOwner and Founder, Alisha Malone

Carolina Naturals‚ĄĘ was founded in 2023 by Alisha Malone as an expansion of her already successful soy candle business, Wax On Fire. From a tiny room in her home to a fully equipped warehouse, Alisha has worked relentlessly¬†to bring¬†healthier, more eco-friendly candle options to the market.¬†
In 2020, while¬†experiencing a brutal summer filled with mosquitoes and insects, Alisha began formulating a repellent¬†candle to make the outdoors more enjoyable for her and her family. After¬†thorough research, development, and testing, she¬†released a repellent candle through Wax On Fire that would soon¬†become a customer favorite with an influx of repeat sales and positive feedback. In 2023, Alisha decided to branch out and give her repellent candle it's very own brand, now known as Carolina Naturals‚ĄĘ.
As passionate outdoorsmen ourselves, we have personally used our citronella candles in some of the most favorable environments for mosquitoes and insects. The South Carolina heat and humidity, especially while fishing and camping, has proven to be the ultimate testing grounds for our citronella line.
-Carolina Naturals Team